DeefyPartners #4 — Deefy announces strategic partnership with BreederDAO

2 min readJun 18, 2022

Deefy is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with BreederDAO

Deefy is a decentralized protocol that enables financial utilities on NFTs such as Renting, Lending, and Pay Later. We are making NFTs more liquid and affordable.

BreederDAO is a blockchain gaming guild that produces high-volume NFT assets. BreederDAO can help gaming guilds obtain specialised NFT assets for use in competitive play-to-earn blockchain games. They have partnered up with 300+ gaming guilds in the blockchain space including some of the biggest names in the space like YGG and IndiGG.

With this partnership Deefy will have direct access to millions of blockchain gamers and will help them tap into the full potential of their NFTs by allowing them to transform their NFTs into liquid assets that they can earn a passive income from. With Deefy’s protocol players will now be able to rent in-game NFT assets and participate in the p2e games of their choice. Deefy’s Renting, Lending and Pay Later solutions will help gamers fully leverage their NFTs as dynamic liquid assets while also helping blockchain games tap into a larger user base through the increased accessibility of the NFTs.

In addition to building out our technical infrastructure, growing a robust community, and continuing to finetune our team, establishing partnerships with leading blockchain games and gaming guilds is an important aspect in strengthening Deefy’s foothold within the gaming space and ensuring that Deefy continues to remain at the forefront of the newest developments in the industry. With our partnership with BreederDAO we are bringing our cutting edge renting, lending and pay later solutions to the biggest blockchain games and building the future of Web3 by making NFTs more liquid and affordable.

About BreederDAO

BreederDAO is positioned to improve the supply of in-game assets to meet the growing demand of play-to-earn game economies through highly tuned, programmatic asset-generation systems. Whether it is play-and-earn, play-to-earn, play-to-win, play-for-fun, pay-to-earn or pay-to-win, NFT assets are the core requirement of any blockchain-based game. BreederDAO has already established itself as a leading provider in this space.

About Deefy

Deefy is a decentralized protocol that enables financial utilities on NFTs such as Renting, Lending, and Pay Later.

Deefy’s Vision

Deefy’s vision is to create a revolutionary shift by introducing a truly decentralized ecosystem and creator-centric financial instrument for creators, influencers, Gen Z & micro-financiers.

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Deefy is World’s first collateral-less payment infrastructure protocol that allows you to rent, loan, and BNPL on NFTs.