Musicians now NFTs can help you make more out of your Music

How to get Started

  • As with conventional releases, that first EP/LP or Album can make the difference. So be very selective about your first release.
  • While one-off pieces have their place, those released as part of a cohesive series create a broader vision of the experience and the interplay of individual pieces.
  • Outside of collectors, join forces with your fellow artists; you’d be surprised how much other artists have gone out of their way to support their friends’ work.
  • Tie-in with the Whales. Be on the lookout for top collectors and if your work lines up with their tastes.
  • Musicians can easily create their own AudioNFTs by uploading a compatible file type and paying a fee (depending on the platform) to mint (or create) the token representing the Audio NFT using Rarible, OpenSea and others.

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Deefy is World’s first collateral-less payment infrastructure protocol that allows you to rent, loan, and BNPL on NFTs.